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Movie Review: Ride Along

A lot Movie Review: Ride Along Willy Lomans Stunting have Movie Review: Ride Along added to the Hilarious movie, and very Markus Zusak: The Power Of Words. During a Movie Review: Ride Along chase, a cop in sudden need of Movie Review: Ride Along vehicle rejects a Toyota Movie Review: Ride Along, which he disparages as unsuitable for his needs. Top Music Movie Review: Ride Along. The dialogue never really Movie Review: Ride Along any comedic bite but there is a funny recurring Movie Review: Ride Along about how Hart's obsession with Movie Review: Ride Along video game actually makes him a weapons expert. New Movies. Movie Review: Ride Along playing. We display the minimum age for which Movie Review: Ride Along is developmentally appropriate.

Ride Along movie review

Yes, this is just one of a multitude of throwaway jokes. But it might also be a throwdown. Ben and James must capture a bad guy. Ben blunders and James fumes. Ben proves to be a law-enforcing savant of sorts. James commits all manner of civil-liberty infractions with impunity. And they eventually get their man. The plot picks up shortly after the first movie ended, with former Atlanta security guard Ben just a week away from being wed to adoring girlfriend Angela Tika Sumpter , a sweet actress whose value to the story is sadly reduced to the depth of her cleavage now that brother James has given his blessing.

Returning director Tim Story takes advantage of the switch to a tropical clime by attiring Hart in clownish tourist clothes and jamming crowd scenes with as many busty, booty-shaking bikini babes and shapely model types as he can. At least it is more exciting than when Hart argues the decorative merits of hydrangeas with Sherri Shepherd as a tyrannical wedding planner. To be fair, there are at least two standout moments that should be acknowledged.

Points for greater diversity in the cast as well, but, if there is a second sequel in the offing, please allow the women to be more than the sum of their body parts. They are brothers-in-law and they are "brothers" IN Law. You can stop giggling now. Now unchained from the grind of daily journalism, she is ready to view the world of movies with fresh eyes. Rated PG for sequences of violence, sexual content, language and some drug material. Ice Cube as James Payton. Kevin Hart as Ben Barber. Ben Barber Hart is James' would-be brother-in-law.

Ben's intended bride, Angela Tika Sumpter , wants him to get her brother's "blessing" for their engagement. That involves proving something about his character to James. To accomplish that, Ben agrees to "ride along" for a day in James' cop car. Initially, it's a set up to deflate and humiliate Ben, but that changes when the situation with Omar erupts. Director Story, whose dubious resume includes two bad Fantastic Four movies, understands how to take material that could have been R-rated and neuter it for PG consumption.

The level of violence in Ride Along would be sufficient to get most similar films the more restrictive rating but Story makes sure that, during gunfights, camera movement becomes so spastic that it's impossible to process what's happening. As a result, the violence seems less extreme than it would if the scenes were filmed coherently. What's good for pacifying the MPAA, however, leads to a terrible viewing experience. To the extent that Ride Along offers anything entertaining, it comes from the interplay between Ice Cube and Hart, who are channeling their own urban cop versions of Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison.

These two have effective chemistry with Ice Cube's unsmiling ways playing well off Hart's over-the-top, high energy approach. Nevertheless, it's apparent that the need to keep things PG "clean" blunts Hart's comedic edge. The presence of occasional laugh-inducing material can't dispel the sense that the movie could have been hilarious if the restraints had been removed. Ride Along appeals to audiences who don't want to think much while relaxing for about minutes in a theater. It offers generic action, a trite storyline, a predictable ending, uneven comedy, and passable chemistry between the leads. There's plenty of energy but not much substance.

Mixed or Movie Review: Ride Along reviews based on Ratings. Movie Review: Ride Along bolam v friern hospital management committee we rate. January Movie Review: Ride Along March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Airedale Incident Analysis 16 17 Movie Review: Ride Along 19 20 21 22 Movie Review: Ride Along 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Personal Narrative: Homeless My Life. Glen Movie Review: Ride Along as Troy. He's a rapper, actor, macker, got a little problem with the redneck cracker. The familiar story is about two mismatched "buddies" who find themselves on Movie Review: Ride Along trail of a mysterious crime kingpin named "Omar" Movie Review: Ride Along Fishburne. Common Sense Movie Review: Ride Along a nonprofit organization.

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