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The Issue Of Stereotyping

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Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Researchers have found that stereotypes exist of different races, cultures or ethnic groups. Although the terms race, culture and ethnic groups have different meanings, we shall take them to mean roughly the same thing at the moment. The most famous study of racial stereotyping was published by Katz and Braly in when they reported the results of a questionnaire completed by students at Princeton University in the USA. They found that students held clear, negative stereotypes — few students expressed any difficulty in responding to the questionnaire. Most students at that time would have been white Americans and the pictures of other ethnic groups included Jews as shrewd and mercenary, Japanese as shrewd and sly, Negroes as lazy and happy-go-lucky and Americans as industrious and intelligent.

Not surprisingly, racial stereotypes always seem to favor the race of the holder and belittle other races. It is probably true to say that every ethnic group has racial stereotypes of other groups. There is no evidence for this view, however, and many writers argue that it is merely a way of justifying racist attitudes and behaviors. Aim : To investigate the stereotypical attitudes of Americans towards different races. Method : Questionnaire method was used to investigate stereotypes.

American university students were given a list of nationalities and ethnic groups e. Irish, Germans etc. They were asked to pick out five or six traits which they thought were typical of each group. Results : There was considerable agreement in the traits selected. White Americans, for example, were seen as industrious, progressive and ambitious. African Americans were seen as lazy, ignorant and musical. Participants were quite ready to rate ethnic groups with whom they had no personal contact. Conclusion : Ethnic stereotypes are widespread, and shared by members of a particular social group.

The Katz and Braly studies were done in the s and it can be argued that cultures have changed since then and we are much less likely to hold these stereotypes. Later studies conducted in and found changes in the stereotypes and the extent to which they are held. In general, stereotypes in the later study tended to be more positive but the belief that particular ethnic groups held particular characteristics still existed.

Also, it should be noted that this study has relied entirely on verbal reports and is therefore extremely low in ecological validity. Just because participants in a study will trot out stereotypes when asked does not mean to say that people go around acting on them. People do not necessarily behave as though the stereotypes are true. The limited information that the experiments are given is also likely to create demand characteristics i. Finally, there is the problem of social desirability with questionnaire research — people may lie. A stereotype threat arises when one is in a situation where one has the fear of doing something that would inadvertently confirm a negative stereotype. It is cued by the mere recognition that a negative group stereotype could apply to you in a given situation.

It is important to understand that the person may experience a threat even if he or she does not believe the stereotype. Steele and Aronson conducted an experiment involving African American and White college students who took a difficult test using items from an aptitude test American GRE Verbal exam under one of two conditions. Then, Logic provides the effect of these horrible actions; these effects mainly include the victim realizing there is no hope or one to provide moral support. The n-word helps show the changes of the friendship between Huck and Jim. In the story Mr. Know-All, he describes how prejudice can affect relationships. The narrator disliked Mr.

But, by the end of the story, the narrator realize that prejudice is not the right way to judge people. The author managed to demonstrate how racism can cause negativity in life and can prevent us from truly getting to know people by their true. This is not true, in which not all African Americans are is trying to cause harm to others just because so they could feel good about themselves, or get their self esteem up. Violence is not the only the answer to get the message out to the world that racism is not okay and it should come to a stop.

There are other methods in doing that and at the same time not cause harm to anybody else. For example, trying to create brochures and pamphlets in which people can read and learn off. According to Williams pessimists are those people who have low opinion in life. They tend to expect the worst in life and from others. Also, they have poor behavior in dealing with the people around them. When you are a pessimist you think that events that happens in your life such as failures are beyond your control when in fact you could have done something to avoid such bad event but you insisted that you cannot do anything. Stereotypes are conducted from the truth, but are exaggerated to create an often negative perception of a subject.

Misconceptions are accusations made that have no truth to it and cannot be found to exist. Stereotypes and misconceptions exist due to society and the lies that lie beneath it. It is a natural instinct, humans have to convey stereotypes and misconceptions, according to a visual representation rather than deliberating what is true and what it is not. The inability to recognize white privilege helps to creates perception and ideals that racism in our society is a thing of the past. When racism and the cost of racism is recognized, Dr. What reason would individuals have to change injustice and inequality when it benefits them the most.

This explains the reason why some in white society are reluctance to admit or seeing racism and white privilege, it is much easier to define the other groups as lazy and not taking advantage of the opportunity that are available to. The change that is initiated by the unique individual, however, may not be the change that people want to have. Because of this, the people that do not want change may try to resist the change or actively work to stop the change from happening. Ewell did not like the fact that Atticus was defending a black person in court, which was not something that was considered acceptable by society during the time period of the story. However, the change that is created may be the change that is needed to create progress in a society.

Later studies The Issue Of Stereotyping in and found changes in the stereotypes and the The Issue Of Stereotyping to which they are held. References The Issue Of Stereotyping. Learn more about The Issue Of Stereotyping racism at www. Next, stereotypes limit Essay On Mushrooms people can do so much more than what stereotypes are saying. When left unchecked, The Issue Of Stereotyping may lead to discriminatory The Issue Of Stereotyping.

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