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Holistic, Cultural, & Spiritual Nursing

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Culture and Spirituality in Nursing Care

An exploration of a needs orientated approach to care planning The purpose of this assignment is to explore a needs orientated approach to care planning, through the use of a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model. It aims to show an understanding of what both a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model are; and to establish how various key elements of both are implemented in practice.

The following citation by the Department of Health DH identifies what is. My philosophy of nursing is to provide holistic care meeting the physical, social, economic, cognitive, and spiritual health of a person. This philosophy embraces the four elements of the nursing metaparadigm, which is person, environment, health. The philosophy of nursing is the essence of a successful health care practice.

The idea of helping patients lies in the understanding of their needs. It is the approach that helps me to perceive the nature of a successful nursing practice. In fact, the best health care professionals are as people know them since they have their personal philosophy of nursing. Thus, the vast majority of patients trust such nurses and are eager to follow their recommendations on the medical interventions.

The purpose. Nursing process is a systematic process that involves a continuous cycle of five interrelated phases: holistic assessment of a client, nursing diagnoses, nursing care planning, implementation, and evaluation Wilkinson et al. The holistic assessment is the. Holistic Core Values Holistic nursing care involves treating the patient mind and body, as well as providing comfort through prayer. The overall ideal goal of providing holistic care is treating the patient as a whole.

There are certain standards and guideline designed by the American Holistic Nursing Association in which establish the core values of holistic nursing Frisch, , p. Students learn how to:. The MSN-FNP program prioritizes leadership skills and encourages nurses to advocate for the high quality of care for their patients. Nurses interested in entering leadership positions in hospital settings can readily translate these skills into their practice. Holistic care is just as focused on the delivery of health care as it is with health care itself.

Marymount University is rooted in Catholic values and guided by a mission to promote intellectual and spiritual development, live ethically responsible lives and enrich the greater community through service and compassionate care. Marymount University is focused on educating its nurses to provide holistic care for patients. Clinical placement requirements are unique for each state. Please see our list of program offerings by state or contact us to determine whether our programs fulfill your state requirements. To proceed with the ABSN, you are required to have a bachelor's degree. Skip to main content. October 29, Common Holistic Care Therapies Western medicine focuses on the treatment of illness and disease using drugs, radiation or surgery.

According to Registered Nursing , the following represent several common holistic care therapies: Acupuncture Assist patients in stress management techniques Aromatherapy Massage Hypnosis, hydrotherapy, and balneotherapy Chinese and Eastern healing practices Wellness coaching The Principles of Holistic Care Holistic care is a value-based approach to health care that focuses on the importance of dignity and respect in the act of administering care.

Holistic nurses deliver care in the following ways: Compassionate: Holistic nurses are attentive, present and compassionate toward patients. Comprehensive: Holistic nurses acknowledge the mind, body and spirit by treating the entire person rather than treating one symptom. Curious: Holistic nurses believe that a variety of factors affect health, from environmental influences to dietary choices.

As a result, they ask their patients questions about their overall lifestyle. The History of Holistic Care in Medicine The history of holistic care illustrates the progression of health care and the importance of education and advocacy in nursing. Benefits of Holistic Care in Nursing Adopting and practicing holistic care in nursing can result in benefits for patients, health care providers and health care systems. Students learn how to: Apply population health data to aggregate populations Use epidemiology and statistics in care delivery Explore, analyze and apply biostatistics Apply advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology and physical assessment practices Leadership and Advocacy The MSN-FNP program prioritizes leadership skills and encourages nurses to advocate for the high quality of care for their patients.

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